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ph. Ekaterina Grigorieva for Cake mag.

Good things for today 23/09/2014
  • made banana muffins
  • stayed in my pjs all day
  • made myself nice poachies/bacon/avo on toast for breaky
  • had a lovely phone call from my friend mimi
  • brainstormed potential ideas for a little label
  • drew a few cute figs! figs are really cute lookin’
  • mum brought home some strawberry and lime rekorderlig ciders for me! My fave

Anonymous said: How can you not be happy when you have a beautiful boyfriend that loves and adores you ? I don't mean to give a negative vibe but when people say things to hurt me I take it to heart. Sometimes I genuinely do feel good when I wear a new outfit or something but I just wish there was someone who even wondered how my day was, how I am etc but I think that's too much to ask. As much as id love a choc pudding it's just gonna go straight to the hips or thighs two things that aren't looking too good x

Yes, having a beautiful, loving boyfriend helps to make my days much more easier and I’m very thankful that I do because without him I’d be a mess. But, there is a very dark and deeper reason as to why I find it very difficult to be happy and find the light in most situations and for personal reasons I’d rather not go into too much detail as to why that is. I can relate to you on that one! When I have a new outfit or after I’ve had my hair done I get a little boost. But, as you know, we can’t rely on these materialistic things to make us happy all of the time. I think whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively about a yourself or a particular situation you just need to attempt to snap yourself out of it and focus on something entirely different. Keep yourself busy, set time aside for yourself and learn to love yourself. It’s not easy and if it’s any consolation you aren’t alone. Please try and be positive! 



imagine if your fridge did what you do to it everyday, every half hour goes to your room opens the door and stares at you for 5 minutes then leaves